b. 1986, HK.

“Vincent van Gogh: Shoes,” 1886

“Vincent van Gogh: Shoes,” 1886

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting, “A Pair of Shoes” which has played a significant role in modern philosophy surrounding art, its reception, and its relationship to the history of ideas.

This contemporary exploration of the concept features the memories and stories of real people, as told in their words and through their shoes. Part footwear, part identity, and part diary — The Sole seeks to champion personal growth and facilitate radical self-expression.

The Sole began as a 100 day project, entitled: 100 Days of Sole, featuring designers, artists, and great creatives of our time—whose stories and soles were published daily for 100 consecutive days between April and July of 2018.

Resulting in 100 answers to the question: 
Do you own a pair of shoes that evoke memories, or that you have a deep association with, and why?