Mark Kingsley, Collins

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Mark Kingsley

I have a pair of Prada pour-on's; they’re kind of like Chelsea Boots. I’ve had them for ... 10, 11, 12 ... almost 15 years.

The spandex panels on the sides of these shoes have been redone a couple of times, I've had the soles redone a couple of times as well. But unfortunately, Prada doesn’t sell their soles, so I had the cobbler put on Vibram soles because they have a waffle bottom. The Vibram material ads just around a fraction of an inch, so the shoes are kind of are beginning to take on a little bit of a Frankenstein quality to them. They're Brown. They're highly scuffed. They've been polished a few times, but there's an age to them.

And I've gone through two different soles on this pair shoes. They are the shoes that I have walked all over the world in. I've walked in four different continents in these shoes, so they're kind of special. They were also the main pair of shoes that I had when I got my divorce, my main pair when I was dating, and my main pair when I was dating my wife. So they've seen me through some things — they've been the magic talisman.

So now I have a black version of this pair and the brown ones sit in a closet. I don't really wear them as often anymore, actually it's been a while since the last time that I wore them. And the black version are the shoes that I usually wear here [School of Visual Arts], when I'm not biking. And I actually just had to get those heels replaced because I've blown out those soles as well. And I even blew out the stitching in the back by the heel so they had to redo all of that as well. So it's like, I wear these fuckers.