Sierra Cook, Director, Consumer Marketing Wellsmith, Inc.

Sierra Cook Weightlifting Shoes Color.jpg

Instagram: @cookiefab

In 2010, I fell off a horse named “Ron the Wonder Horse” and fractured my tailbone. The only approved activities for the months it needed to heal were walking and swimming. I got cabin fever and a jelly belly. When it healed, my goal was to get as fit as possible, as fast as possible. That’s when I found weightlifting. It was incredibly intimidating – giant heavy barbells, grunts, and what looked like unmovable amounts of weight.

Weightlifting is intriguing because it requires failure to get stronger and physically build muscle. Failure is an odd topic that’s been overwhelmed by exhortations to do more of it, faster, and in a forward direction. But in the gym, failure means you were brave enough to challenge yourself to more weight, more reps, and more chances to grow stronger. There’s a saying that “the barbell will teach you who you are” and I buy in fully. The barbell continues to teach me, 7 years in.  

These are my weightlifting shoes. I wear them to lift with my phenomenal coach who pushes me to and beyond failure. Weightlifting makes me feel strong and capable, and the confidence forged on the barbell permeates my professional and personal life. These shoes mean it’s go time, time to try my hardest… If only every effort in life had such a great shoe-cue associated with it!