#51 Dalit Pessach, Artist / Illustrator


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Dalit Pessach,
Artist / Illustrator

As an illustrator I love telling the story of a single moment in time. I have many shoe moments, but this one is my favorite!

This illustration is from 2014. The shoes belonged to my son, when he was younger and still living at home. He loves sports, especially soccer. So soccer shoes are always around.

He tossed these by the entrance door one day as he came back from practice; I was fascinated by their rugged look and casual positioning and made this sketch of them. I love the fact that they remind me of him, they remind me of routine and simple days. They got a whole post on my blog where I talk about those simple days.

A delivery boy that came to the house that afternoon asked me to straighten them up and make sure they face the same direction, he told me there is a belief in his family that if the two shoes aren’t facing the same way, your life will be a total mess…. 

So to be on the safe side, I did.