#82 Alixandria Arungah, Industrious NYC

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Alixandria Arungah,
Industrious NYC

The first pair that come to mind are a sling back rose gold heel that are two inches stacked and the heel is glittery. I found them in Nordstrom one day—I had around $80 in my bank account at the time—and they were $55 ... and I was like, I'm doing it. I've since worn them everywhere, and there's not a single day where they don't get compliments. They're also so comfy and are basically my version of Dorothy's red slippers. I love them.

I wanted to get another pair at one point but by the time I had the sense to go and buy a second pair they no longer had my size. So I almost don't want to wear them anymore because like I'm terrified of the day they'll break. That's my favorite pair of shoes.

The second pair of shoes that comes to mind are funny. I had this big accident in January where I fell and had this massive cut in my forehead and blood went everywhere, including onto the first pair of sneakers I ever bought myself. I was never a sneaker girl until like Nike put out the Roshe and they have this very weird random Hawaiian print going on. So I was wearing those when I got hurt and went to the ER and got my first stitches and now they're still in my closet. I never cleaned off the blood and now I'm like, I can't wear them because I don't want someone to be like, "have you committed a crime?" And it's actually getting to the point where I'm like, "will the blood ever come out?" ... But that's cool.

As for the shoes I'm wearing right now, I've been on the hunt for white sandals for the longest time. I wanted a pair that I could wear with a lot of different outfits and I didn't really want them to be open toed because sometimes that can be off, especially in a professional environment. I went to Target one day and I was looking for something totally different but these knockoff Gucci loafers caught my eye. At first I thought they weren't going to be that comfortable, but the second I put them on my foot I immediately went on on my phone and bought them in my size. I broke them in like a week ago and now I am about to buy a second pair because they're so great. It's just so rare to find a shoe that's the complete package without being super expensive. I learned that lesson from my rose gold heels. The lesson is that when I really like a shoe, it means I really really like a shoe, so I need to buy two pairs.