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#65 Danielle West, Management Operations

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Danielle West,
Management Operations

I went to Vegas in April, to meet my very first nice. You see my brother and his wife had a baby, born in February, and this was the first time that I was able to go and visit her.

My brother is very lucky, he has a pool, and he decided to throw a pool party during my visit. And while I did pack a bathing suit, I didn't bring proper pool footwear. So while we were at Albertsons before the party to buy all the food I spotted these flip-flops and put them in the cart. As it turns out, my brother paid for everything ... So actually, brother bought me these flip-flops.

And I have actually worn them a lot since then, like in the airport going to and from Louisiana. They're the very comfortable $9 flip flops that my brother bought me in Albertsons in Las Vegas.