#76 Sonja Missio, Co-Founder @UnusualEfforts


Sonja Missio,
Co-Founder of @UnusualEfforts.

I wore these shoes to their death, but I can't let them go. They have been my foundation for many adventures... and misadventures... to my life. 

I was wearing them when my beloved Toronto FC won the MLS Cup. They were on when Tom Jones called me "love" and when I poured the perfect pint of Guinness in Dublin. They carried me to--and through--my first tattoo (and second... and third...), past heartbreak, on top of The Schilthorn, at the bottom of Mount Pilatus, and to the store where I bought the running shoes I'd go on to wear to run my first (and only) half marathon. I had them on when I found out I was nominated for an International writing award and when I found out I had a nephew. I wore them when I walked from Italy to Slovenia on a whim and when we brought home our dog. I have dressed them up, dressed them down, and painted many, many towns, countries, and nights red in them. 

They have been my roots, my foundations, and the perfect life accessory.