#37 Andrew Eaton, Physicist / Adventurer


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Andrew Eaton,
Physicist / Adventurer

I got my boots because I always only had one pair of Nikes, that would stay on my feet until they wore out, and functioned as my all-purpose shoes. Whether it was going outdoors or for a run, they did everything, so they got muddy and dirty. I realized that the one thing I needed to be able to get around places is something solid on my feet—something that allowed me to get to the places I wanted to go, in any season and any condition. My boots enabled me to do these things.

At this point in my life—when I got the boots, my main source of transportation was walking. You can only get so far with walking in normal shoes and harsh conditions, especially in the winter or spring when the natural world is throwing all kinds of elements your way. Getting a solid pair of boots that was going to last me—through snow or heat—allowed me to be independent and travel to the places I wanted to go. Even if the adventure was as something as simple as finding my way through the woods.

My boots have allowed me to continue to travel on my feet. These boots have enabled me to go places in nature I couldn’t previously go, and to be able to walk farther than I ever could before. I enjoy challenging myself and exploring what there is to see in the world. These boots have helped me with that, helped me to blaze new trails. They’ve allowed me to feel safe in the lab because I have a good pair of boots on and I’m not going to smash my feet. They also enable me to go on really long hikes, because my most valued source of transportation, my feet, are protected. Wherever I need to go, my boots take me there.