#56 Denise Hibbard, DJI, Marketing Specialist


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Denise Hibbard,
DJI, Marketing Specialist

To be honest, this project was extremely challenging for me at first and a bit overwhelming.  Unlike my sister, who I’m convinced has a pair of heals or sneakers for ever occasion, I’ve never put a ton of thought into my footwear.  In thinking through my current set of shoes, I realized that over the past four or five years I ditched the high heels I could never quite walk in for three or so sets of sneakers.  I then rotate through these daily based on accessibility as I run out the door — or on how dirt filled they are from outdoor activities.  I was almost tempted to send a picture of my bare feet, seeing as most of my time is spent running around without shoes.

The more I dug in to what represented me, evoked feeling, and shared a special place in my heart, it dawned on me that the shoes I shared the most love for were hidden out of plain site. In my gym bag, just in case the right situation calls for them, are my tap shoes dating back to grade school.  (In case you’re wondering, yes, my feet have stayed equally tiny my entire life.)  

I have fond memories of performing on stage for my parents at dance recitals, breaking out into a tap solo in our high school's musical, gliding across the floor in a college tap class, and even tapping away at my post-college Chicago apartment late night with friends.  (I can’t imagine how many neighbors I’ve driven nuts with them.)  They - and the pairs that came before them - have been a form of art, expression, and passion for me since my pre-school years.  Of all the dance forms I’ve trained in, creating soulful rhythm while expressing myself through movement has always been something truly magical, and I carry a symbol of that with me wherever my gym bag goes.