#36 Morrighan Lynne, Psychic / Author / Warrior


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Morrighan Lynne,
Psychic / Author / Warrior

It’s a double-edged sword having a gypsy heart. I deeply crave connection and stability, but when the zephyr winds blow, the gypsy must heed the call.

Texas-born, I’ve always loved country music. In my early 20’s, I had even considered joining country swing competitions. But as life shifted — newly married and expecting a baby — we moved away to Arizona in 1998. I left behind my home and my love for dance in the hopes that this new life would fulfill me. But I had married a man that frowned on anything that brought me joy and so my fire slowly deteriorated.

A few years later I left that relationship and began picking up the pieces of my shattered heart. In 2005 I was looking for a fresh start, so I moved to Idaho as my gypsy soul settled in to make a new home. I was happy there for the most part. Even though I was an emotionally broken girl, I slowly healed and remembered my wholeness. Inevitably, the winds called once more in 2011 and I felt the stirrings within. After an 11 week road trip, traveling the country, I landed in my home state.

It wasn’t until I came full circle that I realized how much I had grown while being away. I found my voice on the road. I remembered my true self and connected deeply to the passion within my soul. These boots were a gift to myself, to celebrate my homecoming. I’ve taken them out for a spin on the dance floor here and there and I find my heart filled with gratitude for who I was.

I remember that girl, so full of life, fearless, and passionate. Life beat her down a bit, but she picked herself up and she reclaimed her fire. I’ve been in Texas now for seven years and the winds are beginning to blow. I don’t know where they will lead me, but I know I will be going with a full heart and fiery spirit, ready for the adventure that awaits!