#48 Marni Erwin, Artist


Instagram: @marnipython

Marni Erwin,

My Velveteen boots.

These boots screamed at me to buy them when I first saw them in a shop in the early 90’s.

I loved the juxtaposition of a pair of army boots decorated with flowers. They were perfect and they were ME.

I embody those boots. A tough, strong base with a soft exterior.

I loved them when I first got them, all shiny and new - but I have grown to love them more as they age. The same way I am trying to think about myself.

They are paint splattered from my forays into acrylic painting, in my kitchen at my easel and also when I built and painted sets at my local theatre.

The toes are close to having holes from the miles and miles I’ve walked in them. But they are beautiful and I could never replace them.

They are a work of art.. the art of my life. Every blemish is a celebration of where I’ve been.

I cherish every memory I’ve shared with my sole mates.