#15 Joes Domingo, DJ GoodSex


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Joes Domingo,
DJ GoodSex

Ok so if I had to choose a pair of shoes that have been meaningful or memorable to me, it would most certainly have to be my camping boots. They have been around for the last seven years, and besides having to resole them every year, they have held up and held me up on many occasions. 

I have stomped to some of my favorite music in them and also experienced some of the most memorable moments with my friends as well. Most importantly they have come every year with me to Burning Man and honestly everything that happens there is memorable and when it comes to footwear, well that's it, you really don’t need anything else besides a pair of solid boots. I think I'll use this as an ending point and finish with pulling something meaningful from these experiences.

So what I can muster is simply this, the foundation to exploration, both inside and out starts with a trusty pair of shoes. While not necessary for life, I believe that your shoes are necessary for survival.