#35 Natalie Abell, Aerialist / Acrobat


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Natalie Abell,  
Aerialist / Acrobat

I have a pair of gold super high heels with gold spikes on them. They were given to me by a friend that decided they were mine. I LOVE them. They are my favorite pair of shoes. People have described them as ridiculous, impractical, and extra. These things are true, but there's also more, I say with a twinkle in my eye. It's funny because this is naturally my taste, but it has many parallels to my art.

These shoes are a challenge to walk in and present as graceful. They are something most other people wouldn't bother with. They make me feel sexy as hell, and absolutely everyone acknowledges them when I walk by. Some out of intrigue, some admiration, and some disgust; but it's rare that someone doesn't notice.

I am a circus artist. I make the joke that I can walk stilts, handstand on one arm, and climb high into the air, so what kind of a challenge can heels be? But truth be told these shoes do take some practice. I have a warm up walk through the house on the hard floors trying to make them sound light and effortless employing some of my performance principles. In this case mostly that slow and purposeful presentation is better than being sloppy. Being slow is a challenge for me anyway so it's great opportunity to practice my intention with each step. The shoes are gorgeous and to wear them is a performance. It does not go unnoticed.