#11 Aileen Hill, Comic Artist


Instagram: @elkskling
Artwork: youredoingsuchagoodjob
Shop: Etsy

Aileen Hill,
Comic Artist

I have an association with these shoes. They are me, sorta me, not really me, but not not me. I've had many shoes like these and I've made thousands of dollars in them.

Most people have their opinions about strippers.  Even the customers who come in often assume we are dumb and slutty.  They come in expecting one thing, and leave finding another. "Oh hey! You're actually pretty and smart!" But sometimes they are disappointed. "Oh but wait... you don't want to come to my hotel room with me?"

And while conforming to someone's fantasy is all well and good for the wad of dollar bills strapped to your thigh, it may not be that great for your psyche.

And despite all the quotes on your instagram telling you to be yourself, you may not get where you want in life by wearing footie-pajamas to an office meeting.

These shoes have taught me that you can't always be yourself, but you are you. A lot of people have expectations of you, your family, your friends, even some strangers, but you also have to do what you want and carry through on your own happiness. It's a double edged sword. It's a balance. A lot like standing on 6 inch heels for 9 hours.