#74 Brit Gossett, Industrious NYC


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Brit Gosset,
Industrious NYC  

These shoes are 10 years old. They're my favorite because when I was in high school they were the first pair of fancy shoes that I bought.

Back then, I was lucky enough that my mom would buy me one pair of shoes at the beginning of each year ... so I had tennis shoes and such. But this is the first pair where I saved up my babysitting money and I bought them for myself. 

The funny thing is that they were only $50, but back then it felt like such a big deal. I didn't wear them for probably four years because I was too scared ... as though I had spent too much money on them so I couldn't actually wear them out and they were just my fancy shoes that I could only look at. 

Then one day I got over that because I like them way too much. And now I wear them most days of the week still. I even tore the sole of them at one point, but then I got then resoled so they would last longer.