#66 Chuck McCarthy, Creator of The People Walker

Chuck McCarthy,
Creator of The People Walker

A comfortable pair of shoes is important. I can't just buy a pair of shoes. Anyone who has ever gone shoe shopping with me knows that I don't buy shoes, I have to find shoes. Even if I am buying almost the same pair of shoes that I had before, I have to try them on. They have to feel right.

This pair of shoes is more important to me, because they are the shoes I had when I started The People Walker. They were comfortable, but they are worn out now, so I don't wear them anymore. I kept them, because they mean something to me, and they might mean something to other people. My first steps as The People Walker, may be the first of billions of steps for millions of people motivated to walk and find new connections out in the world. How could I not keep them? How could they not mean something, even if it's just a dream of the future.