#22 Lynda English, Artist / Gallery Owner

Lynda English,
Artist / Gallery Owner

Last summer I bought a pair of shoes to go across “the pond” to the home of my grandfather, my father’s father, George. My grandfather died when I was around two or three, so all of my memories of him are from photos and stories shared by my mom and dad. George was born in Heckington, England. His father was a Wheelwright and ran the Six Bells Public House in the center of Heckington. George was a Draper and Grocer there in his late 20’s before moving to America.

That hot summer day in June I wore these sandals out of the Gatwick airport and into London, visiting museums, castles, art galleries, pubs and towers. I rode the Duck Tour, the tube and finally the train to Lincoln. This brought me one step closer to where my grandfather had lived. In Lincoln I rented a car and headed to Heckington.

I walked the streets of Heckington where my grandfather had lived and walked. I actually visited the store that he had run all those years ago. It was there that I connected with my grandfather in a way that no photo or story shared had ever done. These sandals will forever remind me of my time walking in the footsteps of my grandfather.