#79 Linnea Ridolfi, Aerialist / Acrobat at Aloft Circus Arts


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Linnea Ridolfi,
Aerialist / Acrobat at Aloft Circus Arts

These shoes are actually a very recent purchase. I’ve only owned them for two months maybe, but every time I wear them out they get many compliments from friends and strangers alike. We don’t have a very long history together, but I chose this pair of shoes because they represent something pretty big for me.

People probably wouldn’t guess this about me since I’ve been a performer for so long but my entire life I’ve been incredibly anxious about drawing attention to myself, particularly in regards to my appearance. If I wanted to try a bold look—whether it be makeup, clothing, or a hairstyle—it took me months if not years to gather up the courage. I remember this dating back to middle school when I wanted to wear a skirt to school but there was no special occasion and I was sacred people would ask why I was dressed up. The thing is I have no idea where this fear came from. I grew up in a smaller town but it wasn’t crazy conservative, my parents have always encouraged a “be yourself” lifestyle, and yet I still developed a crippling anxiety that people would think I was trying too hard or being too extra if I dared to add something to my appearance that would make someone look twice.

All I can say is now at age 29 I’m finally trying the looks I want to try with less hesitation every day. I’m finally accepting that it’s okay to choose something just because I like it and that’s the whole story. I think finding that confidence has a lot to do with being in the circus community and the people I’m surrounded by just being so completely themselves on a daily basis. I really like these shoes. And every conversation about them so far has been positive. And if anyone has had a negative reaction to them they have kept it themselves, and if they didn’t it truly wouldn’t matter.