#61 Neo, Student becoming Teacher

Shan Smith Shoes.JPG

Student becoming Teacher

I thought about it, and was going to use this pair of dress shoes I wear for special occasions which I have worn maybe 20 times. But I decided to go with my daily shoes.

I have become more internal with time. I am very much detached from material things, and try to detach that which is left a little more everyday.

The dress shoes are not me, but my camouflage for society on occasion which I should fit the part by dressing for it, usually to please my wife.

The running shoes I use everyday are tainted with my essence. I am a father, husband, philosopher, teacher, artist, and student on a daily basis. It is hectic and chaotic, yet I take great pleasure in these roles.

These shoes have seen the parks I play with my kids in, and the classrooms where I teach children. The shoes that bring my wife food, yet at the same time are used to contemplate metaphysics. They are used to meditate as I scoot through NYC, as they are used to bend metal or break a stick for artwork. They have lost most of their tread, and have holes, but they comfortable and cozy. At the end of the day, I won’t miss them when they are gone, but I do I appreciate them presently because tomorrow will always be an illusion, just like my shoes.