#29 Chase Jarvis, Photographer / CEO Creative Live


Instagram: @chasejarvis
Founder / CEO: Creative Live

Chase Jarvis,
Photographer / CEO Creative Live

There is a pair of shoes that I had. And a fan once said, “if I could walk a mile in your shoes, I would.” And so I mailed him my shoes. I literally pulled my shoes off my feet and put them in a box and sent them to him. Then he started a project of photographing my shoes in different locations and from there my shoes went around the world three or four times.

They were photographed by hundreds of people — and this was early internet, probably 2005 — so the trail and the thread of all of these photographs is hard to follow. But if you care to look up “Chase Jarvis + Adidas” there will probably be, if not hundreds, at least dozens of photographs. 

They would randomly show up, almost like Where’s Waldo or the Traveling Gnome, in places like the Taj Mahal. And photographers would mail them all over the world to one another and take photos of them. It was really cool and I had nothing to do with it.