#03 Lucas Pearson, Doc Pearson Experience


Gallery Owner & Artist: Doc Pearson Experience 
Instagram: @docpearsonexperience

Lucas Pearson
Doc Pearson Experience

It’s funny how a new pair of shoes can intentionally (or unintentionally) mark the start of a new project, hobby or workout routine — or maybe even a new era of your life. 

After my last studio assistant left in a blaze of glory, I was struck by waves of confusion and sadness. I felt betrayed by someone who I had grown to trust and truly depended on to keep my business as a fine artist going. 

I wore these shoes for the first time on the day I held interviews to replace her and have been wearing them almost daily since. Bringing new people onto my team may have started as a decision made out of necessity, but it has led into a new, beautiful era of my life. Ive been using a brighter color pallet and have been loving every second of it. I just completed my favorite body of work to date and look forward to again sharing my work with the world. 

Of course there is nothing like a new pair of shoes, but a well-worn pair of shoes tells the world who we are, where we’ve been, and what we’ve been working on.