#05 Ina Dimitrova, FCB Global


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Ina Dimitrova, FCB Global

My parents were always obsessed with shoes, and they both appreciated the quality of a well-made pair. To them it was always important to notice how people were dressed; and that we all took good care of our shoes.

Personally, I have always liked women that wear high-heels. And growing up in Bulgaria, I always imagined myself wearing them too, and I used to. But when I moved to New York, I stopped wearing them because of the fast-paced environment that I now live in. But my mother has always told me that I have to have a pair of shoes that I feel great in. So that if I have a special occasion, I have a pair to wear that are elegant and classy — a pair that can portray my personality. 

So these high-heel shoes that I bought five years ago are my special occasion pair. They give me a sense of empowerment when I wear them. I wore them to an event called Empowering Women in Education, held three years ago at Oxford University. And it felt great to wear them, I felt so confident and empowered. 

Today, these shoes are in my closet and they are waiting there for my next special occasion. 

These shoes represent the woman that I want to be and the one that I have not yet become.