#97 Catie Lazarus, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Catie Lazarus,

I don’t imagine anyone can walk a mile in another’s shoes-- unless they’re massive clown shoes. Outside of making eye-roller dad jokes, I’ve spent my life seeking to hear how people experience their journeys. My own has been a lonely, thrilling, and sadly scary shlep; which is why I treasure having my feet planted firmly on the ground. These particular shoes have carried me across coasts, countries, and continents. The bright tomato red color is a favorite since childhood, perhaps because of films The Wizard of Oz and The Red Shoes. Combined with a square cut and orange soles, they make me nostalgic for what gets socialized out of us—namely the ability to feel whatever it is you’re actually feeling. Tired? You can nap at a party. Excited? Why not stand on your head in a store? Angry, sad, hurt because dessert is over? Cry! Two minutes later, you may laugh at a silly dad joke. The brand Campers designs tend to be fun and functional.  These particular shoes are built for humans who walk. Clothing designed for women too often focuses on how your body appears to others, and worse, women’s shoes constrict your movement and hurt. There is enough pain out there, why add injury to insult?! As I aspire to be more comfortable in my own skin, I am so happy to comfortably slip on these flats, especially in a world that is anything but a smooth road.