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#64 Matei Schwartz, Brand Thinking Consultant

Matei Schwartz, 
Brand Thinking Consultant

I bought my first pair of AirForce1s a couple of years ago from a FootLooker close to Union Square, while visiting NYC. At that time, I was a mildly successful Romanian entrepreneur and consultant, dreaming to live in the Big Apple one day. I had visited the Open House of the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts just a few days before, and I was still impressed with their approach. I could picture myself as their student, though formal education had never been my favorite learning environment. 

Still, while walking the streets of Manhattan for the first time in my brand new AF1s, living here seemed extremely far away – both in time and in space. Under my sometimes overly confident personality, I was – and still am – hiding this extremely doubtful, insecure kid, suffering from the impostor’s syndrome almost every day. I was abruptly sure that the program could easily find every year two dozens smarter, more qualified, better suited future students. Then again, I had never walked away from hard challenges. That night, I decided to apply. 

A year and maybe a few hundreds of kilometers walked in my AF1s passed by until I was finally ready to make my move – and leave my country, my business, and my loved ones. Another few months later, I got my letter of admission. I was officially moving to NYC to complete my education with a Masters in Branding – the profession I thought I was made for. My first AF1s look old and tired now, almost one year into the program. As I’m approaching graduation, I just got myself a brand new pair – and I’m again anxiously waiting for my next challenge.