#07 Andreea Nițoi, CNS Factory


Instagram: @andreeanitoi

Andreea Niţol
CNS Factory

These shoes, that were never as-good-as-new, except for day one (maybe).

I like suits. And men-like shoes. I bought this pair because I thought shiny, silver men-like shoes was the best pair of shoes one could get from life. As soon as I wore them, they got worn out. As soon as they got worn out, they got noticed. People are somehow culturally trained to look at your shoes and make assumptions, you know? ”You are what you wear.”

I was 25 looking like a kid amongst a bunch of seasoned professionals - our clients. I was on a personal and professional quest of proving that brains (knowledge) had nothing to do with age. I wore the shoes to meetings, workshops, and everywhere - and I paired them with impeccable suits, shirts and blazers. I thought that the dissonance would trigger their curiosity and nudge their attention - focusing them on what I say. And know. ”I am what I know”.

I once met with a CEO (of a big company) and his communications team and forgot to wear different shoes. What I remember best about that meeting is the table that stood between us. All glass, as transparent as it gets, not even a bit of tint. As I was making the presentation, I could feel their eyes looking down on my shoes. And literally looking down on me...

Turns out, shiny silver shoes are impossible to hide.