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#53 Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe, Social Espionage

Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe, Social Espionage

 I met Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe at the HOW Design Live conference in Boston where she gave one of the most rocking Keynote speeches I have ever seen. After her Keynote, I followed her on Instagram; and when I noticed that she was posting her #speakershoes for the event I knew that I needed to reach out to her!

Dorothéa is fluent in 4 languages and is a force of genius — as well as a thought leader — in developing strategy and communication for international brands, executives, and celebrities alike. I am honored to have had the chance to interview her for 100 Days of Sole.

Instagram: @socialespionage /