#26 Alyssa Rupp, Graphic Designer

Alyssa Rupp,
Graphic Designer

I have a pair of lime-green soccer cleats that I just recently retired because of their wear and tear, but they were some of my favorite shoes for many reasons. They're the only pair of soccer shoes I've had a hard time letting go of because they just felt right, like they belonged, and that I served a purpose wearing them. 

They lasted me nearly eight full years of soccer including my high school career and summers during my college years and are therefore reminiscent of so many memories, whether good or bad. 

These shoes have held twisted ankles, blistered heels, and have been through their fair share of disappointing losses. But the good far outweighed the bad, and maybe this is why they stuck around for so long. They meant I could play the sport I truly love, celebrate the momentous victories, and they could bring me back to a time where soccer seemed to be the only thing that mattered.