#62 Caroline Peni Mumpuni, SVA, Creative Strategist

Caroline Peni Mumpuni,
SVA, Creative Strategist

My relationship with them started when I was studying in an industrial town called Northampton, England. It is the birthplace of Dr.Martens — the brand made initially as blue collar, but gradually shifted to be the icon of punk music. At the time I was there the British punk fashion drew me in. Rough and spontaneous artists in residence also inspired me to be more uniquely quirky, I guess... 

I've moved on from England, having inherited the fashion style, and it adds to my identity — an ambiguous sophisticated outlaw. They are not feminine nor masculine. They look sturdy but also surprisingly soft enough to break.

Now, this pair of shoes is damaged. I laughed and cried for the fact that they broke due to my fault. As I threw them to the bin, I said to them, "thank you for taking care of my feet," and I tell myself to move on.