#72 Neil Gilks, Neilsecluded


Instagram: @neilsecluded

Neil Gilks,
Artist / Illustrator 

As an artist my work has evolved in to addressing notions of stereotypes, allure, branding and identity.

A far cry from my early days of capturing fashion and the clothed body.

As I've matured as a thinker and doer the less important acts of portraying the ideas and concepts of others have been replaced by my need to share my ideas and concepts. Somewhat like how we consume and our tastes develop over time, often denying our past desires - shedding our former selves, in favor of the new me or us. 

Clothing and shoes in particular have walked the history with us - shared the experience and become triggers for memories and milestones of our choices. 

But I also question are these objects stuck in time? or can they be decoded and take on new identities?

I found these old Nikes in the back of the wardrobe and they told me “I want to be adidas”.