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#60 Shan Smith, Plato Learning

Shan Smith Shoes.JPG

Shan Smith,
Plato Learning

I have a family who told me, over and over again, that I should not wear these shoes. I should never wear these shoes. That these shoes are terrible. 

Because whenever someone in my family wore them, their feet would get so warm throughout the day and they would be so miserable. And so they told me, "if you do this, you'll be incredibly miserable."

So naturally being the rebel that I am I decided, "you know what, I'm gonna wear these shoes anyway." And now that I've been wearing them for a year, I can safely say that I've been miserable every single day of the year because my feet are really really warm at the end of every single day. But they're also the only shoes I own that I can walk around New York City in.