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#06 Jae Young Kim, FIT / SVA


Instagram: @cheljaeyoung

Jae Young Kim, FIT / SVA

I don’t have a specific pair of shoes to share, but I do have a painting of shoes that explains why this is the case. The reason this painting is so memorable to me is that I created it for my portfolio back when I was applying to get into art school. 

Actually, my whole portfolio was paintings of shoes. The reason I picked this subject matter is that I think that shoes themselves can tell a lot of different stories. I mean, most of us have shoes, but what we wear on our feet can tell stories about our personalities. Shoes can indicate the occasion that we are going to next, or even visualize our sense of inner artist. 

So I created this painting to show how in this world we are all jumbled around like a pile of shoes. There are all different people from diverse cultures, all doing different jobs … doing different everything … all represented in this pile. And in the painting these are my feet, raising up and away from the jumble of shoes. 

It’s kind of portraying how I want to get rid of any preconceptions in society. I just want to be myself.