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#52 Sevonne Cohen, Priestess / Cacao Shaman

Sevonne Shoes.jpeg

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Sevonne Cohen, 
Priestess / Cacao Shaman

At this point in life, I’m a one set of soles kinda gal... these “Golden Guatestocks” have been doing it daily since December 2016.  I wonder what shoes I will wear when the rains begin...  Probably I’ll stay home when it’s wet. 

I live in Guatemala, in a simple town, in a simple way.  The click clack these make when they catch on a rock pleases me. 

Sometimes I think I should fix them or get some other shoes, but the useful thing to do with these hasn’t occurred to me yet and I don’t really want anything else... plus, this condition reminds me of someone special 😘 so we keep going together... and I’m happy ☺️