#86 Bunny, Imaginary rabbit / Cult leader / Creative idiot

#86 Bunny,
Imaginary rabbit / Cult leader / Creative idiot

The first time I slid my feet into a pair of jungle boots was just about 25 years ago. The haunting memory of how oddly toxic they smelt vividly comes back to me. Oil, rubber and cheap leather has been burned to my memory. The cardboard soles felt angry and uncomfortable on my feet. They were a perfect representation of my teenage angst.

At the time I was a troglodyte of a punk rocker. Full of a need to self-identify. Thinking I was so unique in my ability to be different. Not realizing at the time I was nothing more than a cookie cutter mold of trend in teenage fashion and rebellion.

Fast forward from 1993 to 2018, and I’ve own so many pairs of these boots of over the years. Normally I go through two pair a year. Rothco has always made the same cheap leather boot that reek of oil and rubber. They no longer represent that teenage angst to me, but more utility and comfort. These boots have had a long standing place in my life. As I’ve grown as an individual these boots have been there with me. Grounding me. They have always been on my journey with me and I think they always will.