#59 Jesse Gleaton, Gleaton Consulting, Virtual Accountant


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Jesse Gleaton,
Gleaton Consulting, Virtual Accountant

"My Burning Man Boots." At least that's what I called them.

I did not know Daniel very well when I we crossed paths on the playa at Burning Man 2017. Soon after the conversation began, the entire group was laughing and having a blast. For a reason I cannot recall, I began telling everyone the story of coming back home after Burning Man 2015, when shortly before arriving back in Los Angeles, one of my burner storage bins flew out of the bed of my truck. I traveled backwards at 6am on the I5 to find them, but to no avail. Inside this long gone bin were my girlfriend's numerous costumes and my prized Burner possession: my epic multicolored soft Burner Boots which I picked up at a Reno thrift store on the way to my first Burn in 2014.

Daniel wasn't going to sit there and watch me trek around in my trainers after hearing of this. He tossed these wicked black boots my way to party that night, and they have tagged along with me to multiple festivals ever since. These are my festival go-to, and they look pretty sweet with a kilt and cub scout uniform.